About Me


The name’s Masad, Masad Salim. I’m an graphic + web designer, whose love for photography, travelling, eating and drinking chai makes up most of my day. I design. I create. I imagine.

I currently live in Newark, Delaware, and have brought with me experiences from other parts of the world. I was born on a small island in Tanzania called Zanzibar. I was raised in the both United Arab Emirates and United States of America; earned my degree in Canada and finally made my stop in Delaware.

I speak Swahili, English, and a bit of Arabic, but the language I’ve mastered, is the language of creativity. I love communicating and am told that it is my strength as well as, the ability to make people comfortable.

Since graduating from Graphic Design in 2010; I freelance and have landed positions in small design studios. I have completed several projects such asĀ  posters, websites, logos, etc. I am filled with an unwavering dedication to grow and learn.

Feel free to drop me an email.